Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2019 - Join Carnival Vibes

Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2019 - Join Carnival Vibes

25 Feb 13:00 - 06 Mar 16:00 - Port of Spain
Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

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Carnival Vibes is excited to announce our Trinidad Carnival 2019 tour!

Dance all day and night!
Experience the electric Carnival atmosphere!
Parade in luxurious costumes!

Bookings open now until 30th June 2018.

♛♛♛ PACKAGES ♛♛♛

✔ 10 day carnival package
✔ Accommodation (Guesthouse w/breakfasts or self contained studio).
✔ Carnival Costume
✔ 2 day Carnival parade (DJ’s, Food, Drinks, Security, Toilets, Medical team included).
✔ J’ouvert parade. French for Day Break! - Party in mud, oil, paint & more...through the streets of Port of Spain.
✔ 4 Pre-carnival events/fetes.
✔ Return airport Transfers
✔ Event Transportation
✔ Beach cool down day.



Besides being one of the worlds best kept secrets, it is truly one of the greatest festivals on earth! We are glad that you have taken the time to find out about this experience.

The story of Carnival in Trinidad begins approximately two centuries ago, where it was introduced by the French Aristocrats. Initially, Carnival was predominantly a European tradition, where the wealthy land owners of French and English backgrounds would attend fetes, lavish dinners and balls. The season generally started from Christmas until Lent. After emancipation, and the freedom of the slaves, the festivities turned into the celebration of Carnival that we know today. A celebration of freedom, fun and unity.

The French liked to dress for the occasions, & typically their finest garments were complimented by masquerade. Today Trinidadians Play MAS, which is a direct link to the past. Things have not really changed that much, people still like to wear elaborate costumes, with women in luxurious glittered, feathered costumes and the men equally get dressed up to match.

For more information on the history of carnival see:

Trinidad Carnival 2019

04 Mar 03:00 - 05 Mar 19:00 04 Mar 03:00 - 05 Mar 19:00 - Port of Spain Port of Spain
Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
The greatest show on earth! Trinidad carnival, otherwise known as the original carnival features various fêtes (parties) and events all culminating into a two day unforgettable...   More info

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