IFit Hike to Turure Watersteps

IFit Hike to Turure Watersteps

05 Aug 07:00 - 12:00 - Cumaca
Cumaca, Saint Andrew, Trinidad And Tobago

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Event Date:
Part 1: Saturday 3rd March, 2018
Part 2: Sunday 5th August, 2018

Event Cost: $160 (Cost includes 1 seat on the shuttle and hike fee for 1 person).
Rating: 3/10
Contact us at: Phone/What's App: (+1868) 684-3524
Email: ifitworld2017@gmail.com

Turure Watersteps

Located in Cumaca is the evergreen valley where you would find the Turure River. Along its path are rocks carved into natural water-steps that lead upstream to the falls. On its course, there are several waterfalls but the centre of attraction is the wide vertical falls. At the top and bottom of the fall are pools to enjoy and a fun opportunity to rock climb. The adventure starts from the Turure Bridge on the Cumaca Road in Valencia which takes you to the limestone pavements.
The calcium carbonate deposits make the rocks less slippery and easier for stepping. Further upstream are more cascades to discover and behind one of the overhangs there is a hidden cave.
The tranquility of the forest comes alive with the display of the golden-headed manakin (pipra erythrocephala) and the echoing sound of the bearded bellbird (procnias averano). Note: In recent times, loose silt from extensive quarrying has polluted the river causing landslides and endangerment to wildlife.

Rating: 3 (Suitable for kids 4 years and older)

Estimated finishing time of hike: 12 pm


Steps to secure your spot:
1. Make contact with us to confirm availability of spots.
2. Register online.
3. Make payment.
4. Send proof of payment.


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$160 (Adults) | $140 (Kids under 12)
Foreigners please call/email for a more detailed booking process.
Includes hike fee and shuttle from UWI St.

Advance payment required and spots are only confirmed upon payment.

Bring along:
-An extra change of clothing and footwear.
-Bring your own food and light refreshments
-Insect repellant
-Personal medication as you may require.
-extra plastic bags for your garbage and wet clothes
-ziplock bags/water proof cases for your electronic items.

Sneakers/boots with grips.


Life jackets are provided for those who wish to bathe in the deep areas of the pool.

Secure everything inside your bags just incase you may happen to slip and fall in the water your belongings will not get wet.

We look forward to taking you on this adventure with us.

Book your spot now:

- What’s App: +18686843524
- email: ifitworld2017@gmail.com
- Facebook DM: IFit World
- Instagram DM: @ifitworld


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